In the challenging field of marine, the systems must resist extreme temperature, often exposure to water and constant vibration.
Additionally, ship systems must also meet strict requirements in terms of reliability such as full redundancy and strong security, all while managing a heavy stream of video, voice, automation and control applications that receive input from large arrays of sensors and instruments all the time. After 30 years of experience, working in markets with high expectations, we believe our know-how is a value-add for our customers.

Elektronix has a wide range of Marine certified solutions. Years of experience, and working with professional partners is essential for high quality.
enix computer, our own design is DNV certified.
Seahawk – is our own design for over and underwater surveillance system. Together with a wide range of cameras for on-ship surveillance,
Ethernet communication products, panel-pc’s and displays, our customized solutions like enix and Seahawk give Elektronix a wide range of solutions to offer our customers in the MARITIME business.