The problem today with alarms from camera systems is that the customer is forced to use the intrusion alarm system to generate a “hard” alarm from their camera system to the central station. Moreover, it has been difficult for the PSAP to receive alarms and keep track of the type of alarm to be verified, which causes delays in acknowledgment of camera alarms.

Therefore Elektronix and AddSecure have now developed new solutions that enable customers with camera systems to safely access their system via the mobile network and send a “soft” alarm from their camera equipment through SIA code directly to the PSAP.

With these new solutions, operators of the monitoring station can immediately determine what type of alarm is coming in from the camera facility and connect directly for faster and more effective verification measures.

The AlarmParser software, developed for alarm transmission, integrates with Avigilon and Milestone VMS that can convey any alarms that are set in the system. Avigilon and Milestone cover large parts of the installed market today, which opens great opportunities for the AlarmParser solution.